Of Gooks, Golliwogs … and Redskins?

Slurs often fall into disuse. Shouldn’t this one? Dan Snyder’s PR problem.


Marital problems. Legal problems. An image problem. Donald Sterling, erstwhile owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, has them all.

Daniel Snyder? I don’t know about marital problems. But the owner of the Washington Redskins certainly has legal problems. And an image problem. He has a branding problem as well.

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Words in Wind

One Needs a Start. An Inaugural? A Manifesto? A Start.

Thoughts from the Front is a personal blog. But it’s written by a professional who practices communication for a living, and who depends for his bread (and, occasionally, bacon) on writing. In it, this author plans to explore, explain, and expound on good communication. And venture some ideas about what doesn’t work and why.

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